Stopping The Progression Of Water Damage Affecting Homes In Tennessee

By Jamie Shelley

Water can damage almost anything in your Tennessee home under certain conditions – the location of such water plays as crucial a role as the quality of the water. Broken pipes or split water lines both contain clean water, fit for drinking and cooking, but that same water destroys walls, including the insulation within sections facing your home’s exterior. Other problems from displaced water also happen to floors, personal belongings, appliances, and so much more.

Primary water damage includes damage that happens immediately after or during a water emergency from broken water lines. This type of damage includes wet soggy carpeting and compacted padding. Padding typically becomes ruined by contact with water from any source, clean or dirty. An experienced company can often salvage carpet when submerged under only clean water. Flooding or sewer backups generally ruin any carpet involved.

Air drying a carpet in place after removal of the pad minimizes stretching, shrinking, and warping that could pose problems with reinstalling the carpet over new padding once dry. We regularly perform this with carpets after we slightly elevate them from the floor. With the pad absent, carpets dry reasonably fast, and so does the floor underneath. Once the carpet becomes dry, we can quickly re-lay it once again.

Wherever water remains for a substantial period, damage continues to progress. Moisture and humidity from the primary, or ongoing, event, continually move around inside your home, allowing microbes to thrive and to continually disintegrate the semi-porous materials in your house’s structure.

This secondary water damage continues unabated until the moisture levels become re-established at normal, healthy, levels. We use desiccant machines and dehumidifiers to capture and remove the unwanted moisture and keep the moisture in the air at stable amounts. Removing damaged materials so we can replace them involves double bagging to prevent contamination by loose pieces of these materials that might contain mold, mildew, or bacteria.

For water damage affecting your home at any stage, contact with a professional water damage mitigation company can help prevent future damage while removing current damage.


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Commercial Water Damage And Your Tennessee Business

Commercial Water Damage And Your Tennessee Business

By Jamie Shelley

Water plays a role in many business environments in Tennessee. From a lobby water fountain to full kitchen facilities or laundry rooms, water lines and drain pipes run through your site’s internal structure. A small leak or drip can slowly create water damage at any commercial site. Other causes include groundwater that seeps into your building through tiny cracks, faulty sloping of concrete or other materials around ground-level windows and other openings, and roofing situations that require repairs.

Tennessee business owners and managers should check monthly to ensure no spikes occur in their monthly water usage. Visible signs of water damage include soggy floors, rusty areas on corrugated stairwells, elevated humidity that makes the air feel damp and sticky, and microbial growth problems. Taking care of the water that created these problems is the first step, but a crucial step in regaining control of your site.

Other types of water damage that are not as visible and hidden still require repairs and mitigation. Insulation that becomes saturated with water from any source requires removal and replacement with new materials. Ductwork can also become heavily corroded, allowing air, either heated or cooled, to escape before reaching its intended destination.

Commercial sites with mitigated water damage fare much better in health and environmental standards than they did previously. Water is always changing form, seeking equilibrium, and flowing from one area to another. This permits microbial growth to explode in areas that previously were non-problematic.

Corrosion weakened supports under flooring, and other environmental hazards can cause accidents, increased sick days, and a decrease in employee morale, as well as a negative impression of your business in the eyes of clients and potential customers.

When elevated humidity seems ongoing, finding the water when it is hidden can seem unlikely. Tools and instruments such as hygrometers and infrared sensors quickly determine where these problems lie. Hidden water may exist in unlikely locations. 

When encountering such situations, having a professional company with experience and training can be your best line of defense when dealing with commercial water damage.


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Symptoms Of A Broken Sewer Line

Symptoms Of A Broken Sewer Line

By Jamie Shelley

Older homes do what you think they should; they get older throughout the years. When they do, some of the sewer lines installed with a 25-35 year life span begin to break down, leaving you with drainage lines that are affected by tree root intrusions, cracks, misaligned connections, or complete sewer line failures. Often enough, failed or collapsed sewer line repairs come with huge repair costs, affecting more than just the lines in most cases. Having a proper inspection performed on your sewer line will help you identify if it is deteriorating or possibly broken before it becomes a real problem.

A qualified sewage damage technician can identify areas of the sewer line attached to your home. When you experience slow draining sinks or drains and hard to flush toilets, an obstruction may exist. If it is happening with every fixture, you have a problem in your main line, if it only happens on a particular drain, it is more likely isolated to a single pipe. If having someone come out to clean your sewer lines does not repair the issue, this can be a symptom of a broken or deteriorated sewer line that needs repair. Remember, using harsh chemicals that you purchase at a local store to attempt to clean your sewer lines quickly usually cause more damage than their worth. The chemicals eat away at the internal lining, further degrading the sewer lines you seek to protect.

More common problems associated with possible sewer line breaks include sewer odors in or around your home, mold growth in various areas of the home accompanied by sewer odors, and even slow drains. Extra bright green, dense patches on your lawn, uneven areas throughout your yard or under paved areas, massive foundation cracks, settlement and eventually, sinkholes, are all external signs of possible sewer line breaks. If you experience pools of waste developing anywhere in your yard, a broken septic tank or broken line may exist directly under the location of the pooling water.

RodentRodent and Insect infestations are often a sign associated with broken sewer lines. Your drainage lines tie into the city sewers, where many rats live. Adventurous rodents use these sewer lines to make their way to various locations, broken sewer lines around your home give a migrating rodent an offramp on their super sewer highway. Various insects, such as cockroaches and sewage flies enter your home through tiny cracks and require professional pest control services to eliminate properly.

If you are currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms, get an inspection performed by a qualified sewage damage restoration company. A failing sewer system can cause substantial damage to your home and expose you to many unsavory circumstances that you would rather avoid. Replacement is always an option, but you should not dismiss other options available to you, such as pipelining and repairing your existing lines. Contact the professionals today for assistance with your degrading sewer line before it becomes a problem.

Prevent Bathroom Mold by Making Sense of Humidity

Prevent Bathroom Mold by Making Sense of Humidity

By Jamie Shelley

A hot, steamy shower soothes achy muscles, washes away grime and just plain feels delightful. It also raises the humidity level in your bathroom, which can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew.

Preventing Mold With a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Many people mistakenly believe that the exhaust fan in the lavatory is there to whisk away unpleasant odors. While they can help with that, these fans actually serve a much larger purpose. Bathroom exhaust fans draw the moisture-laden air that fills the room after a steamy shower or hot bath out of the lavatory, bringing the room’s humidity down to a healthier level. This is a vital step in preventing mold growth and averting mold damage.

Your bathroom is an ideal location for mold because it thrives in a humid environment.
Your bathroom is an ideal location for mold because it thrives in a humid environment.

Why a Humidity Sensor Can Help
Is your exhaust fan up to the challenge? The answer may depend on how you use it. Most people turn the fan on when they enter their bathroom to shower and turn it off when they leave. Unfortunately, this does not always give the exhaust fan enough time to evacuate the steam and humidity. Ideally, the fan needs to run until it the moisture level in the bathroom is back to normal. You could just leave the fan running and come back later to turn it off, but you run the risk of forgetting it. This wastes energy and can shorten the lifespan of the exhaust fan. Instead, consider installing a humidity sensor. The sensor will automatically cut the fan off when the correct humidity level is restored. It is an easy way to prevent mold damage.

Dealing With Mold
If you find that you have a mold issue in your bathroom, do not attempt to handle it yourself. Disturbing the mold may facilitate its spread. Instead, turn to the experts. Technicians have the training, specialized equipment, and protective gear to address mold damage. They can inspect the area, identify the source of moisture, contain the mold, remove it, properly cleanse your belongings and restore a healthy environment.

How Will I Know When My HVAC System Needs A Check Up?

How Will I Know When My HVAC System Needs A Check Up?

By Jamie Shelley


These days, many residential and commercial property owners are interested in keeping their HVAC systems in optimal condition. This is a prudent approach to take because attaining high quality; regular HVAC maintenance services can keep your equipment functioning well while also extending its life. There are several ways that you can determine whether it’s time for you to get an HVAC system checkup:

Temperature Deviations
One sign that will indicate that your HVAC equipment is in need of maintenance work is a decrease in efficiency. Buildings and houses have a uniform temperature. In the event that you notice significant deviations from your temperature norm, this could indicate that there is an issue with your ductwork. Remember that the U.S. Department of Energy reports that leaky ducts in crawl spaces and attics can contribute to 20% of your property’s cooling and heating energy losses.

This is a prudent approach to take because attaining high quality; regular HVAC maintenance services can keep your equipment functioning well while also extending its life.
This is a prudent approach to take because attaining high quality; regular HVAC maintenance services can keep your equipment functioning well while also extending its life.

Filter Jams
As you seek to determine whether your HVAC system is in need of a check-up, remember that debris, fibers, and dust can partially block your furnace and ductwork filter. To prevent this from happening, be sure that you’re regularly replacing your filter. In the event that your filter needs to be regularly replaced, this is a sign that dirt is being sucked into it. Know that while your ductwork may have been wrapped with duct tape, the material will deteriorate or “erode” over time.

Allergic Reactions/Respiratory Problems
In the event that you, your family members, or coworkers experience allergy problems, this can be an indication that something is amiss with the ducts. In the event that cool air generates a loss of heat and problems with condensation, mold can grow on your premises. When the mold is blown through your ducts, it can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Note that when mold or dirt make their way into the air system, it will need to be professionally cleaned.

Weather Damage
Weather damage is a strong indication that your HVAC system is in need of maintenance services. For this reason, it’s a good idea to do a visual inspection of roof vents to determine whether they’ve been subjected to damage from snow or hail. Also, note that bees and wasps like to make nests in attic ventilation, and this can create a blockage that precludes the proper circulation of air.

If you want to keep your HVAC system in optimal condition, regular maintenance services are the best way to make it happen. Proactive maintenance services will increase your energy savings and prevent the need for expensive repairs. When you start your search for the ideal HVAC maintenance team. A group of result-oriented, customer-centered professionals with extensive industry experience, should be your first choice for excellent, expedient HVAC services.

Laminate Flooring Water Damage

Laminate Flooring Water Damage

By Jamie Shelley

When it comes to owning a home, there are a vast array of maintenance routines a homeowner is responsible for. If they are negligent towards such responsibilities for any reason, then they may be at risk of seeing the value of their home diminish. This is certainly a circumstance they will want to avoid at all costs, as a home is usually considered as being one of the most valuable types of assets an individual or family can own. Why risk incurring a potential loss on the return of investment towards one’s property when it can easily be maintained or even increased by carrying out the required tasks of inspections, repairs, upgrades, and replacements when the time calls for them?

Not only does water damage affect the property's value, but it also affects the quality of the residents' lives.
Not only does water damage affect the property’s value, but it also affects the quality of the residents’ lives.

One unfortunate scenario many homeowners experience is water damage within the premises of their property. This can occur from several different reasons, some of which include: weathering effects (flooding and intrusion of water through door cracks or windows), leaky pipelines, corroded pipelines, or broken sewage lines. Although many of these circumstances may not be extreme in their size, the unlucky ones can certainly benefit from acquiring the services of their local restoration company. 

Many aspects of a home’s property can become damaged from flooding. Not only does water damage affect the property’s value, but it also affects the quality of the residents’ lives. A homeowner or resident should not have to live under these circumstance for long, and it is always recommended for them to contact their local service immediately. 

A laminate flooring water damage company can work proficiently towards either restoring one’s flooring in its entirety, or completely replacing the tiles if that is what they prefer. By contacting laminate flooring services, the homeowner will have full confidence in knowing that their home’s conditions will be restored back to where it needs to be to retain its full value. Not only will they be doing themselves and the current residents of the house a favor, but also for those who may occupy the property in the future.

Why Choose an IEP over a Home Mold Test

Why Choose an IEP over a Home Mold Test

By Jamie Shelley

In the United States, most home owners have mold or believe that they have mold in their homes. Typically, they buy a mold tester for homes from a local home improvement store and use it to determine any mold issue they have in their homes. They also think that using mold testers that are sold at local home improvement stores are more convenient, efficient and cheap. 

Once the mold tester shows that they do have a mold issue, they will then immediately call a mold removal service provider to take care of the mold issue. There is nothing wrong with hiring a mold removal service provider if the mold test is accurate. But for an average home owner, there is no way for him or her to know if the mold tester is providing accurate results or not. Hence, if the mold test result is wrong, the removal company might be working on a completely incorrect room and proper procedures might not be performed. For this reason, it is crucial to choose an IEP or Indoor Environmental Professional instead of a home mold tester.

The following information will help you understand the importance of choosing IEP over mold testers:

Using a mold tester
When you smell mold in a specific room, you would think that the mold issue is in that room. So you will place the mold tester in that specific room. But, you might be wrong. There is a possibility that the mold is traveling through the vents in your home and it goes from one room to the other. Since mold is known to be airborne, it makes the mold tester easy to fail in providing accurate results. If you will use a mold tester for your home, it would be ideal to do multiple tests all over your home, including outside your property. But it will also raise another issue – the mold removal service provider may not be able to determine the test results.

Once the mold tester shows that they do have a mold issue, they will then immediately call a mold removal service provider to take care of the mold issue.
Once the mold tester shows that they do have a mold issue, they will then immediately call a mold removal service provider to take care of the mold issue.

Moreover, mold testers will only verify that there is mold in your home. It will not determine the exact location of the mold issue and how to properly treat it, which depends on the level of mold damage. If the test results are given to the mold remediation company, they may end up treating the wrong area.

Using IEP (Indoor Environmentalist Professional)
An IEP or Indoor Environmentalist Professional is a trained professional who has the expertise in solving indoor environmental issues, which one of them is mold. An IEP uses specialized equipment that detects mold and where it is located. Most IEPs are trained scientists that can create a professional report and scope of work, techniques, and protocols that is required to effectively treat the mold damage. 

Overall, the information provided above is a solid reason to choose IEP over mold testing kits for handling mold issues inside your home. An IEP can help you get a more accurate test result, allowing you to know where the mold issue really came from. Moreover, an IEP can help you make sure that the mold remediating company that you hired will effectively treat the mold damage professionally and thoroughly.