Stopping The Progression Of Water Damage Affecting Homes In Tennessee

By Jamie Shelley

Water can damage almost anything in your Tennessee home under certain conditions – the location of such water plays as crucial a role as the quality of the water. Broken pipes or split water lines both contain clean water, fit for drinking and cooking, but that same water destroys walls, including the insulation within sections facing your home’s exterior. Other problems from displaced water also happen to floors, personal belongings, appliances, and so much more.

Primary water damage includes damage that happens immediately after or during a water emergency from broken water lines. This type of damage includes wet soggy carpeting and compacted padding. Padding typically becomes ruined by contact with water from any source, clean or dirty. An experienced company can often salvage carpet when submerged under only clean water. Flooding or sewer backups generally ruin any carpet involved.

Air drying a carpet in place after removal of the pad minimizes stretching, shrinking, and warping that could pose problems with reinstalling the carpet over new padding once dry. We regularly perform this with carpets after we slightly elevate them from the floor. With the pad absent, carpets dry reasonably fast, and so does the floor underneath. Once the carpet becomes dry, we can quickly re-lay it once again.

Wherever water remains for a substantial period, damage continues to progress. Moisture and humidity from the primary, or ongoing, event, continually move around inside your home, allowing microbes to thrive and to continually disintegrate the semi-porous materials in your house’s structure.

This secondary water damage continues unabated until the moisture levels become re-established at normal, healthy, levels. We use desiccant machines and dehumidifiers to capture and remove the unwanted moisture and keep the moisture in the air at stable amounts. Removing damaged materials so we can replace them involves double bagging to prevent contamination by loose pieces of these materials that might contain mold, mildew, or bacteria.

For water damage affecting your home at any stage, contact with a professional water damage mitigation company can help prevent future damage while removing current damage.


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