Stopping The Progression Of Water Damage Affecting Homes In Tennessee

By Jamie Shelley

Water can damage almost anything in your Tennessee home under certain conditions – the location of such water plays as crucial a role as the quality of the water. Broken pipes or split water lines both contain clean water, fit for drinking and cooking, but that same water destroys walls, including the insulation within sections facing your home’s exterior. Other problems from displaced water also happen to floors, personal belongings, appliances, and so much more.

Primary water damage includes damage that happens immediately after or during a water emergency from broken water lines. This type of damage includes wet soggy carpeting and compacted padding. Padding typically becomes ruined by contact with water from any source, clean or dirty. An experienced company can often salvage carpet when submerged under only clean water. Flooding or sewer backups generally ruin any carpet involved.

Air drying a carpet in place after removal of the pad minimizes stretching, shrinking, and warping that could pose problems with reinstalling the carpet over new padding once dry. We regularly perform this with carpets after we slightly elevate them from the floor. With the pad absent, carpets dry reasonably fast, and so does the floor underneath. Once the carpet becomes dry, we can quickly re-lay it once again.

Wherever water remains for a substantial period, damage continues to progress. Moisture and humidity from the primary, or ongoing, event, continually move around inside your home, allowing microbes to thrive and to continually disintegrate the semi-porous materials in your house’s structure.

This secondary water damage continues unabated until the moisture levels become re-established at normal, healthy, levels. We use desiccant machines and dehumidifiers to capture and remove the unwanted moisture and keep the moisture in the air at stable amounts. Removing damaged materials so we can replace them involves double bagging to prevent contamination by loose pieces of these materials that might contain mold, mildew, or bacteria.

For water damage affecting your home at any stage, contact with a professional water damage mitigation company can help prevent future damage while removing current damage.


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Commercial Water Damage And Your Tennessee Business

Commercial Water Damage And Your Tennessee Business

By Jamie Shelley

Water plays a role in many business environments in Tennessee. From a lobby water fountain to full kitchen facilities or laundry rooms, water lines and drain pipes run through your site’s internal structure. A small leak or drip can slowly create water damage at any commercial site. Other causes include groundwater that seeps into your building through tiny cracks, faulty sloping of concrete or other materials around ground-level windows and other openings, and roofing situations that require repairs.

Tennessee business owners and managers should check monthly to ensure no spikes occur in their monthly water usage. Visible signs of water damage include soggy floors, rusty areas on corrugated stairwells, elevated humidity that makes the air feel damp and sticky, and microbial growth problems. Taking care of the water that created these problems is the first step, but a crucial step in regaining control of your site.

Other types of water damage that are not as visible and hidden still require repairs and mitigation. Insulation that becomes saturated with water from any source requires removal and replacement with new materials. Ductwork can also become heavily corroded, allowing air, either heated or cooled, to escape before reaching its intended destination.

Commercial sites with mitigated water damage fare much better in health and environmental standards than they did previously. Water is always changing form, seeking equilibrium, and flowing from one area to another. This permits microbial growth to explode in areas that previously were non-problematic.

Corrosion weakened supports under flooring, and other environmental hazards can cause accidents, increased sick days, and a decrease in employee morale, as well as a negative impression of your business in the eyes of clients and potential customers.

When elevated humidity seems ongoing, finding the water when it is hidden can seem unlikely. Tools and instruments such as hygrometers and infrared sensors quickly determine where these problems lie. Hidden water may exist in unlikely locations. 

When encountering such situations, having a professional company with experience and training can be your best line of defense when dealing with commercial water damage.


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Why Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Is Important In Tennessee

Why Immediate Fire Damage Restoration Is Important In Tennessee

By Jamie Shelley

As the last cloud disappears to pave the way for the night, you come home to find your home going up in flames. You are dumbfounded. Details of the morning events before you left the house are revealed like the features of a sculpture being chipped away with every remembered memory. It hits you like a storm: you left the gas on un-ignited.

Seemingly innocent mistakes like these can lead to catastrophic results. Whether it is a product of a short memory lapse or you were just feeling slow on that particular day, it is important to contact a fire damage restoration company immediately. The damage left behind can be an overwhelming task to restore, and it is usually beyond the knowledge and ability of home owners.

The fire restoration process can reverse the damage fast, allowing you to get back to your normal life as quickly as possible. The restorers protect your property from further damage, addressing the source of the fire before making any decisions. It is easy to dismiss this step once the firefighters leave, but it can lead to smoke deposits and lingering odors on the house contents. Once this happens, living in there can be intolerable. You may even end up replacing most of your items.

A thorough cleanup is also necessary after the fire. A good fire damage restoration company should have the tools to clean up the dark, stained, and charred areas in the affected house. The restorers normally have highly-trained technicians with effective tools and solutions to clean up the areas back to pre-fire conditions.

Carpet cleaning may also be necessary to remove the odors resulting from the fire completely. If the carpet was badly burnt, the best option is to dispose of it. The professional restoration company can do this for you.

If the fire reached the furniture, you might want to repair or replace them with new ones. This task is part of the job description of a fire damage restoration company. They can restore fire-damaged cabinets, chairs, appliances, and furnishings. Walls are also repainted and wallpapers set back up like nothing even happened.

It is okay to feel numb when faced with an unexpected event like a fire disaster. However, if you have a fire damage restoration company on speed dial, you may be able to save and restore your property to pre-loss conditions. Go for a reliable, locally based restorer who can arrive in the nick of time.


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Contact A Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Team When The Unthinkable Happens

Contact A Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Team When The Unthinkable Happens

By Jamie Shelley

No one is prepared for the fear or emotional overload when a home or business becomes a crime scene. When the need for crime scene cleanup adds to your stress, you need a reliable full-service restoration company at your side. The presence of specially trained technicians, familiarity with local rules and regulations, and the right equipment for the tasks are the key criteria when choosing the right trauma and crime scene cleanup company.

A wide variety of items, articles, and substances need to be cleared away after the authorities release your home or commercial building back to your use. The precise tasks indicated to restore the premises depend upon the type of crime committed. It is crucial that the restoration company you employ has a proven background in managing infectious waste and other biohazards according to local law. Knowledge of the proper solvents and disinfectants to efficiently return the areas back to pre-trauma condition cannot be assumed. The restoration company you select must be able to demonstrate its staff has both extensive education and practical experience in the successful resolution of crime scene cleanup. 

In addition to bodily fluids and tissues that need proper containment and removal, a crime scene also presents other substances the law enforcement and other officials left after wrapping up the preliminary investigation. Non-lethal deterrents like tear gas and pepper spray and debris like fingerprinting powder infiltrate the air and coats the surfaces. Contamination of the HVAC system with these tiny, potentially irritating particles demands the skills of a restoration practiced in removing hazards from hidden and obvious areas of any building. Cleaning and sealing procedures both have their place in this complex situation. The company chosen manages all aspects of the cleanup, no matter the source.

Some crime scenes present particular problems with odors, and this is where a thorough understanding of deodorization best practices is vital. Recovery from unpleasant odors may take a variety of techniques and more than one attempt. Removing the sources of odor involve disposing of fluids and tissues, spray and wipe disinfection, and chemical fogging. One, two or all of these methods might be necessary to clear the air completely.

Competent crime scene cleanup firms outfit their staff in proper protective gear and provide barriers to keep your family, employees, or the public safe from harm while potentially dangerous tasks are in process. Find a reliable and compassionate crime scene restoration firm if the unthinkable happens, to ensure the traumatic events fade from memory and evidence as quickly as possible.



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Symptoms Of A Broken Sewer Line

Symptoms Of A Broken Sewer Line

By Jamie Shelley

Older homes do what you think they should; they get older throughout the years. When they do, some of the sewer lines installed with a 25-35 year life span begin to break down, leaving you with drainage lines that are affected by tree root intrusions, cracks, misaligned connections, or complete sewer line failures. Often enough, failed or collapsed sewer line repairs come with huge repair costs, affecting more than just the lines in most cases. Having a proper inspection performed on your sewer line will help you identify if it is deteriorating or possibly broken before it becomes a real problem.

A qualified sewage damage technician can identify areas of the sewer line attached to your home. When you experience slow draining sinks or drains and hard to flush toilets, an obstruction may exist. If it is happening with every fixture, you have a problem in your main line, if it only happens on a particular drain, it is more likely isolated to a single pipe. If having someone come out to clean your sewer lines does not repair the issue, this can be a symptom of a broken or deteriorated sewer line that needs repair. Remember, using harsh chemicals that you purchase at a local store to attempt to clean your sewer lines quickly usually cause more damage than their worth. The chemicals eat away at the internal lining, further degrading the sewer lines you seek to protect.

More common problems associated with possible sewer line breaks include sewer odors in or around your home, mold growth in various areas of the home accompanied by sewer odors, and even slow drains. Extra bright green, dense patches on your lawn, uneven areas throughout your yard or under paved areas, massive foundation cracks, settlement and eventually, sinkholes, are all external signs of possible sewer line breaks. If you experience pools of waste developing anywhere in your yard, a broken septic tank or broken line may exist directly under the location of the pooling water.

RodentRodent and Insect infestations are often a sign associated with broken sewer lines. Your drainage lines tie into the city sewers, where many rats live. Adventurous rodents use these sewer lines to make their way to various locations, broken sewer lines around your home give a migrating rodent an offramp on their super sewer highway. Various insects, such as cockroaches and sewage flies enter your home through tiny cracks and require professional pest control services to eliminate properly.

If you are currently experiencing any or all of these symptoms, get an inspection performed by a qualified sewage damage restoration company. A failing sewer system can cause substantial damage to your home and expose you to many unsavory circumstances that you would rather avoid. Replacement is always an option, but you should not dismiss other options available to you, such as pipelining and repairing your existing lines. Contact the professionals today for assistance with your degrading sewer line before it becomes a problem.

How To Reduce The Risk Of Tornado Damage In Commercial Buildings

How To Reduce The Risk Of Tornado Damage In Commercial Buildings

By Jamie Shelley

Unfortunately, there is no way that a commercial business owner can eliminate the damage done by a violent tornado. However, business owners who have property in regions prone to tornadoes can use several strategies to minimize the damage done to their facilities. To learn how you can reduce the likelihood of a tornado striking your commercial building, consider the short outline provided below:

Protecting Your Staff
• To protect your employees, make sure that you develop and disseminate a clear, concise emergency plan. This plan should outline what employees and supervisors are to do if a tornado is imminent. The procedures should be practiced with tornado drills.

emergency plan• Buy a weather radio. Make sure it possesses capabilities for local discrimination. Use the radio to carefully monitor local weather conditions. This will ensure that your staff can be moved to other locations if doing so becomes necessary.

• Identify a quality source from which you can attain good weather information. This could be something like a tone-alert weather radio.

• Designate an individual to monitor warning information and local radar throughout each tornado watch.

Pay Attention To Warnings And Watches
• Tornado watches are a sign indicating that there exists a significant probability of tornadoes in a region near you.

• Tornado warnings indicate that a tornado has been seen in your county. The warnings can also indicate a high probability that a tornado exists near your area.

Safety Precautions
• Keep your exterior windows and doors closed during a tornado watch or warning. This will help prevent flying debris and rain from getting in. Additionally, keeping the doors closed will help create more barriers between the storm and your staff.

• Find the ideal protective area for staff members to attain shelter if the tornado occurs. Typically, basements are considered the ideal place to go for shelter. Small interior rooms and corridors located on a building’s first floor are also deemed ideal.

• Don’t shelter staff members in a location where outside walls exist. Be especially cautious against glass windows.

• If your building is located in an area prone to tornadoes but does not offer adequate protection, contact a contractor who can construct a safe room.

Commercial business owners who want to keep their buildings safe against tornadoes should know that several strategies can be employed to realize this objective. It’s also important to know that getting in contact with professional water remediation specialists is a good idea. This way, you will know who to contact if a tornado strikes and you require restoration services. To get the best services available, keep the professionals in mind. As a team of well-versed technicians with extensive industry experience, professionals can provide you with the expedient, effective damage recovery services you deserve.




Trauma Scene Cleanup Basics

By Jamie Shelley

These days, many find themselves wanting to get educated about trauma scene cleanup. You can attain a basic understanding of what trauma scene cleanup is all about by reviewing the short outline provided for you below.

What Is Trauma Scene Cleanup?
Trauma scene cleanup is defined as any situation that necessitates biohazard cleanup services, residential or commercial restoration, or material disposal. Specific examples of trauma scene cleanup include:

• Cleanup for crime scenes, including decontaminating chemicals like tear gas
• Accidental death, homicide, and suicide scene cleanup/decontamination
• Meth lab cleanup
• Animal infestation cleanup
• Airborne blood and pathogen cleanup
• Emergency equipment, facility, and vehicle cleanup
• Infectious disease decontamination
• Tissue and bodily fluid cleanup

A team of specialists with extensive industry experience is aware of these situations and understands that they can be quite emotional for the parties involved. For this reason, the professionals are trained to provide expedient, respectful services irrespective of the cleanup scene site.Trauma Scene Cleanup

Biohazard Cleanup and Disposal Regulations
There are various regulations and laws that dictate the cleanup and disposal process at the local, state and federal levels. The organizations in charge of establishing and updating these regulations include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Each state’s rules are established and maintained by its Health Department or Department of Natural Resources.

Everyone is not qualified to complete a cleanup at a trauma scene. To conform to OSHA’s guidelines, a company must attain Bloodborne Pathogen Certification. During the certification process, professionals will get educated about crime scene cleanup regulations, how to use personal protection and cleaning equipment correctly, and the dangers associated with trauma scene cleanup. When you call a team of professionals who have undergone thorough and extensive training, you can be confident that they’ll provide you with the quick, safe and respectful elimination of contaminated debris from the trauma scene.

Restoration Services Following Cleanup
Some of the restoration services that may follow the trauma scene cleanup include:

• Repainting walls that have been damaged
• Replacing or repairing subfloor, drywall, or other structural elements
• Restoring countertops and cabinets
• Replacing flooring
• Checking electrical machines, HVAC systems, and plumbing equipment to ensure functionality
• Replacing windows

Access Professional Services Immediately
If you’re currently in need of high-quality trauma scene cleanup services, call a professional restoration company. Experts are thoroughly trained and come with all the right personal protection equipment to optimize and expedite the trauma scene cleanup process.